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How to Change the Name of Your Video

Follow this simple step to learn how to change the name of your video.

Log in to your Facedrip account.

STEP 1: Click on the “agency” 

STEP 2: Click on “workspace”


STEP 3: Choose the workspace you want to Change The Name of Video on and click the “activate workspace” button. (follow this link on How To Create New Workspace)


Your workspace will be activated successfully! (PS: Go back to your dashboard module to see the active workspace).



STEP 4: Click on the “video” menu on the left-hand side menu bar of your dashboard.


Step 5: Click the drop-down ‘Videos’ menu tab on the left sidebar to see videos. Select a video you wish to change it’s name and then click on the “Triple Dot” icon on the video.


Step 6: Click “EDIT” on the pop-up modal, it takes to where your video is being opened so as to change the name on your video



Step 7: When you create a video, a default name will be generated by Facedrip. To change that, click the pencil icon beside the video name and rename the video to suit your needs.



Updated on February 2, 2022

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