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How To Connect SendGrid SMTP

Log in to your  Facedrip account.

STEP 1: Click on “Agency” at the top of your dashboard.


STEP 2: Click on “access workspace” in the menu option below.


STEP 3: Choose the workspace you want to Connect Sendgrid SMTP to, click the “triple-dot” then click the “activate” button in the drop-down option. (follow this link on How To Create New Workspace)

Your workspace will be activated successfully! (PS: You will be directed automatically to your dashboard to see the active workspace).


STEP 4: Click on the “settings icon” on the right-hand side of your dashboard then click ‘settings‘ in the drop-down option


STEP 5: Scroll down and click on “ Broadcast Settings” in the left hand menu of your dashboard then click the “blue new configuration” button.


STEP 6: Select from the drop-down option and enter the necessary new configuration information needed  such as;  type and provider as shown below.

P.S The “type” should be email and “provider” should be SendGrid SMTP, you also have the option to enable the configuration settings to be active or inactive.



==> From Email: in the “from email” field enter your verified sender EMAIL.


==> SendGrid API KEY: in the “sendgrid api key” field enter Your Sendgrid Api key.


==>  Once you have successfully connected your preferred, SendGrid SMTP provider kindly enter details for the CC, BCC, send limit per day, and enable the settings by selecting the “active” option.

==> for the CC field(“cc” means carbon copy): enter the email addresses of the people you want to know about the email (remember that everyone will see their names)

==> for the BCC field (“bcc” means blind carbon copy): enter the email addresses of the people you want to know about the email but not announce to everyone else that they are getting a copy

P.S (It is optional to enter details for the CC and BCC fields)

==> for the email sending limit: this is dependent on the broadcast provider. For example; once you create a sender identity you can send 100 emails per day whereas for upgraded accounts the send limit is from 100,000 and above per day. Click here to learn more about Sendgrid sending limits.


STEP 7: Click the “Blue apply button”


STEP 8: Configuration was saved successfully




Updated on February 21, 2022

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