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What You Can Do With Facedrip Extension

Clicking the extension gives access to a number of functions:

Access to the Users Library of videos, including the ability to search for videos by name, or display videos based on tags

You’ll have the option of;

  • Select a workspace
  • Recording a video of your screen
  • With your webcam
  • Upload from your computer or YouTube
  • Or select a pre-recorded video from your Facedrip library

Step 1: Click on the video to make “Edit”

Step 2: The ability to make changes and edits to the video and video page

Step 3: The ability to Insert a video

Step 4: The ability to share video via social media

Step 5: The ability to Optimize for “Salesforce”

Step 6: The ability to add “Personalization” Text to the Thumbnail

Step 7: The ability to record a video from inside the extension

Step 8: Check Recent Activity reporting for all users videos

Step 9:. Upload a Video from Desktop or YouTube:

Updated on February 9, 2022

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